Tuesday, July 21, 2015


My niece is having a baby. This past weekend I helped her mom and step-mom throw her a baby shower. During the planning she said, I want a panda theme. A what?! Pandas?! How do I make a panda themed cake? Off to Pinterest I went and low and behold Bakerella saves me again. I had to mix things up a little, but here's how it went. First I started out making black and white cupcakes. Half chocolate, dyed black and half vanilla, dyed white.

Once they were baked I started with the icing. I used the same swirl technique that I used on the lamb cupcakes a few months ago.
(Sorry I don't know why it is posting these side ways)

I added extra to hold the ears on.

The ears were mini Oreos

Next I added mini Hershey kisses for eyes

And a chocolate chip for the nose

I painted all three of them with black gel food coloring

Next I added the pre-made sugar eyes. I could have piped these, but this way way much easier.

And finally I piped on a mouth

And that is how I made my panda cupcakes