Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Courage Center's 5K Your Way

A few months ago Amy and I started walking. The more we walked the easier it got to go further distances and I realized that I really do enjoy walking. I happened upon the Courage Center's website and clicked on fundraising opportunities and there staring me in the face was information about a 5k walk. Something in me said "I have to do this!" It was right around this time that I met Kassie. Kassie is the daughter of a friend of mine. I met Lana when Troy worked at Lifecore. She's the type of person that if you need something done, Lana will do it. I have also learned that you should not get in her way when it comes to her children. Kassie currently resides at the Courage Center. She was being treated for a condition called AVM. During her last treatment there were complications. The doctors had very little hope, but they didn't know Kassie. Kassie is a fighter! She has over come every obstacle that the doctors said that she wouldn't. Meeting Kassie and seeing her determination gave me the inspiration to set the goals that I did for Team Kassie and myself. Here we are 11 days before the walk and have not yet reached our goals. I am hoping that I can get the people around me motivated to support this great organization. Like Kassie I am a fighter! I will not give up! I need to reach those goals! I can't do it alone. If you are reading this please consider making a donation on our team site http://5KYourWay.kintera.org/teamkassie and make even a small donation!
To read more about Kassie's story please visit her caring bridge site http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/kassieharms